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Electric Central Heating with the iJaz wireless system

Allows you to take control of the power consumption in your home or property. With the iJaz System you can simply program and control any number of BEHA panel heaters in up to 16 zones to provide full heat, setback heating or frost protection when and where it is needed. There is no need for extra cables as the system is entirely wireless, communicating with the heaters via receiver modules (RP200) which can be easily fitted to any BEHA panel heater.

iJaz Wireless Controller

  • Wireless communication with BEHA panel heaters having RP200
  • No extra cables required
  • User friendly design with touch display
  • Can control up to 16 zones
  • Unlimited number of heaters or switches per zone
  • Built-in transmitter and receiver
  • 433 MHz, 300m max range
  • Built-in thermometer with digital viewing
  • Colour: Grey


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