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1) Dim the stove or burner pellets in minimum.
2) Press the punched area on the side surface to create a hole in the box and release the content in the pellet storing department of your heating device. It is recommended that you do so when the storing area is almost empty in order for the soot removing pellets not to be mixed with the normal pellets.
3) Soon the normal flame in your heating device will turn in a blue flame. For as long as the blue flame lasts, the soot removing process is taking place which breaks down the sediments of soot into small pieces. Small pieces may be found stored in your heating device and can be collected and thrown away easily.
4) When the blue flame stops put the heating back to high, but not to the maximum. This will help to break down the remaining sediments of soot.
5) In order to achieve the best results of this product it is recommended to use it properly and often regarding the way of using your pellet heating device.


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